Iconview readme

Utility to view icons from any file and extract icons from 32-bit resources (apps & DLLs).

Installation instructions:
Unzip into a temporary folder. Right-click the iconview.inf file and choose Install. The iconview.exe and iconview.txt files are copied into your windows directory and iconview.inf is copied into your windows/inf directory. You may remove the unzipped files from the temporary folder.

Note: On Window's 95 the temporary folder must not be made up of any long filenames. This is a restriction of Window's 95 and the .inf script files.
Note: On Windows NT4 you need Administrator rights to use the iconview.inf installation script. The program itself does not need these rights though. If you don't have these rights then manually copy the unzipped files into a chosen directory and run from there. You will lose the uninstall option. Additionally on first running click the 'Setup...' button and then click 'Reset...'. Answer 'Yes' to the prompt. This will enable the registry settings that would have been set by the installation script.

Use the add/remove programs applet in Control Panel. There will be an entry for 'Krapplets Iconview (Remove Only)'.

Basic Usage:
Viewing Icons:
Run the program by double-clicking it from Explorer.
Iconview will immediately search through the current directory for any files that may contain icons. The default is to search for files with the following extensions. 'exe','dll','cpl','icl','ico','ocx'.
If a file with one of these extensions includes any icons it will be added to the left-hand list.
It may take a few moments to fill the list.
When the list is full, clicking on any filename will fill the right-hand list with any icons in the list.

Extracting Icons:
Iconview can extract icons from any 32-bit resource. Above the right-hand icon list is a green and red light icon. If the light is green it means that the file is 32-bit and an icon file can be extracted from it.
If the light is red that means it is not 32-bit and it is not possible to extract an icon file from it.
To extract an icon file simply double-click it. You will then be able to choose a directory and file name.
Click save and the file will be saved.
You can also copy the icon to the clipboard as a bitmap image, this can then be pasted into a graphics package. This is done by right-clicking the icon and choosing 'Paste Image to Clipboard'.

This software is freeware, if you like it, send me a mail. If you have a problem with it, mail me and I will endeavour to help. If you wish to include this software on a free CD collection, please mail me so I can tell my friends!

Email: darren@krapplets.cream.org
WWW: http://krapplets.cream.org/

Version info:
1.0 First release.
1.1 Minor bug-fixes.
Browse window now opens up in existing directory.
Fixed bug in creating icons.