Parameteriser readme
Utility to add command-line parameters to any program by right-clicking in Explorer.

Installation instructions:
Unzip into a temporary folder. Right-click the param.inf file and choose Install. The param.exe and param.txt files are copied into your windows directory and param.inf is copied into your windows/inf directory. You may remove the unzipped files from the temporary folder.

Note: On Windows NT4 you need Administrator rights to install and run the param program.
Note: On Window's 95 the temporary folder must not be made up of any long filenames. This is a restriction of Window's 95 and the .inf script files.

Use the add/remove programs applet in Control Panel. There will be an entry for 'Krapplets Param (Remove Only)'.

To use Param, run Windows Explorer and right-click any Application file. There will be an entry called 'Parameterise...'. Click this and a dialog appears. The top entry is the name of the program that was right-clicked. This entry cannot be changed. The bottom entry is where you can type the parameters.
Clicking OK runs the program with these parameters. Clicking Cancel simply closes the program without performing any action.
The program remembers the last ten entries that were input. You can access these previous entries by clicking the down arrow to the right of the entry box and scrolling down the list.

This software is freeware, if you like it, send me a mail. If you have a problem with it, mail me and I will endeavour to help. If you wish to include this software on a free CD collection, please mail me so I can tell my friends!


Version info:
1.0 First release.
1.1 Added support for .com files also