In this project I have tried to do two things. One, to research the area of Intelligent Agents and try to draw some conclusions from it, and two, to develop a Internet/Intranet Search Engine. In terms of the research, I have tried to look at a selection of projects, and cover one or two from each different area rather than look at many similar projects. I was very pleased to see a common theme emerge from a lot of what at first looked widely differing subject areas. I hope I have been able to emphasise this in my research.
For my development component I feel that I have been relatively successful in that I have created a program that works. It does not do everything I wanted it to but that is almost inevitable in time-limited projects I believe. The future work section (6 above) should cover any shortcomings found in the program.
All that is left is for me to say that I have enjoyed developing this project and writing this report and I have learnt a lot. I hope I can continue to look at this subject area and maybe provide some input of my own one day.