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  My new PC
- I have a new PC now, I bought all the parts and built it myself. It's a P2-450 with 128MB RAM. I am waiting on the graphics card as it has not been released in this country yet. When I get that it will have Windows 98 and Linux on it.
- My old PC will be NT only and devoted to Krapplets developement, woohoo!

My old PC
- My old PC was originally bought as a pre-built 486 Dx2-66 from dan Technology.
- After a while I got bored with it and started on a long and expensive upgrade path which has seen every part replaced (some several times) except for the case & PSU, the monitor and the floppy drive.
- In it's present incarnation it's a Pentium Pro 200 with 96MB RAM, 6.2 GB of disk space and a HP CD-Writer Plus 7100i.
- Software wise I have it split between Windows 98 and Linux. I used to run Windows NT but I got sick of having to reboot every 3 days so Linux is now my primary OS and I have 98 for Games and Krapplets development. Not anymore it's not, see above.

My third PC
- With all the spare bits from various upgrades I eventually had enough bits for a new computer, well almost, I had to buy a case.
- I didn't have enough cash for a monitor but as I planned to use this machine networked that was not a major problem.
- As this second machine was not very powerful (P75 with 48MB and 600MB HD), I decided to run just Linux on it.
- As there was no monitor (did I mention no floppy drive either) I slapped the HD into the main machine for a day to set up Linux on it then put it back into it's new case.
- Once I had the two machines talking over the network I could do all configuration by telnet and exchange files via FTP.
- So, you are probably wondering what use a machine could be with no screen, mouse (did I mention that too?) or floppy drive.
- Well, the first thing I put on there was my local Intranet, this consists of all sorts of documentation in HTML format that I refer too.
- I have the JDK docs, lot's of offline copies of useful web sites, HTML and CSS references and all sorts of stuff.
- I then had the idea of adding a Quake 2 server on there running the Eraser Bot patch, now whenever I fancy a quick game of Quake 2 I just use Gamespy to connect to this PC.
- It also has uses in running batch jobs that I am not in any great hurry for.
- I have also connected the modem to this Linux PC and set up a system called IP-Masquerading that allows me to share my single Internet connection between my entire network.
- This is really cool and is probably the single most useful thing I have got Linux to do so far.

The Laptop
- As we had a laptop in the house I thought it would be nice if it could join in the fun.
- I bought a second hand PC ethernet card and cabled up the lappy and configured it (it uses Windows 95).
- It also shares the Internet connection so it can be used used to browse the web using my existing dial-up connection.
- That's a real nice feature to have as the laptop is located in another room and a lot of the time of course my connection is not being fully utilised.

Last updated: Friday, 02-Jul-1999 19:18:50 BST