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  Aaaah, the ubiquitous links page - every homepage must have one it seems.

I am not a big fan of links pages and have held off from doing one until now but my brother wants me to link to his page so I thought I might as well try to put up some useful links as well. :-)

Home Pages
My two brothers have home pages that are pretty cool (honest).
Andrew is a bit of a car nut and has lots of pictures of them on his site.
Jason is into photography and some of his work can be viewed online.

These next pages are from people who I met on IRC, they are useful sites to look at if you are interested in the topic mentioned.
Faust|GFX is a Photoshop guru who I met on IRC. So I guess that qualifies him as a weirdo already.
ReV is a master Web and Quake Level Designer.

I am a bit of a Quake and Quake2 nut, they are the only games I have on my computer and I have over 1.5 GigaBytes of downloaded maps and modifications.
PlanetQuake is the premier Quake site in my opinion.
It features all the Quake news, hosts almost all of the mods (if you don't know what a mod is, click the PlanetQuake link now, there is still hope for you) and is just a generally cool site to look at.
I also have started going to The Playing Fields a lot lately.
It is a Games Bar/Cafe where you can play Quake/Quake2 on a nice fast LAN with all your mates, it get's to be very fun and rowdy at times.

This is the love in my life (well, after my girlfriend, but she wouldn't let me put her on here) :-).
I click this next site every single time I connect to the Internet, and quite a few times after as well, it satisfies my need for the tiniest snippet of news about the team that I love,
it is of course the Teamtalk Spurs Page.
Yes, I am one of those long suffering breed of idiots known as a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.
A more sensible Spurs site is the Spurs Fixtures page. It has match reports, goal pics (the few we scored) and avi files for last season, and is an excellent resource for Spurs fans throughout the globe.

By hacking I mean coding, not breaking into computer systems.
For an in-depth explanation of what Hacking really means, read How to become a Hacker.

Hacker's Wisdom is a collection of papers and anecdotes related to hacking, it includes the most excellent '10 Commandments for C Programmers' and is a very entertaining site.

The International Obfuscated C Code Contest is a fascinating resource for anyone trying to learning C...NOT! :-)
It is in fact a contest to try to write the most obfuscated (confusing) C code possible that will still compile and run.
Past winning entries can be viewed online and some of them will make your brain hurt as you try to figure them out.
The best way to view them is on a machine that does not have a C compiler as the temptation to compile and run them to see what they do is overpowering.

netcat is a truly awesome utility for any type of network programming.
It can send or receive data through any port to or from any valid TCP/IP address using either TCP or UDP.
It sounds very simple but you really have to download it and play around with it to realise it's full potential.
One example use is for decoding undocumented Network protocols.
I have also recently been dabbling in Perl.
Perl is the ultimate language for those quick easy jobs that you know should take ten minutes to write but seem to take hours. With Perl they often take less than 10 minutes!

No links page is complete without a miscellaneous list of links.
The Internet Movie Database is simply the largest and most thorough movie resource in the world.
The reason it is so good is that it's content is provided by it's users. Decent honest Netizens like you and I.

The Mountain Gallery is the site to go to if you like pictures of mountains. The creator of the site took all the pictures when he was on various expeditions around the world. The photography is first class and the scenery is breathtaking.

I don't pay my phone company a penny for my off-peak phone calls to the Internet, it's highly likely
(especially if you live in the UK) that you have to pay for yours. Do you think that's fair?
If (like me) you think it's unfair then look at the Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications site.
It is devoted to the cause of getting unmetered access to the Internet for all. It is a worthy cause.

I first discovered this next site when I started using the World Wide Web in my first year at University in late 1994.
Very little of the web I saw then still exists now but this site is one exception. It's positively ancient by the usual WWW standards.
It is THE REALLY BIG BUTTON THAT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING, and is one of the most amusing sites I have seen on my Web travels.

Last updated: Friday, 02-Jul-1999 19:18:50 BST