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Thought it was about time I did an intro page for Darren - he's been moaning at me about it long enough :@)

My name's Bryan, and I work for a company called TSI Software. They're in the Enterprise Application Integration business, which as far as I'm concerned means "middleware" in jumped up fancy terms. Middleware is application software developed to allow legacy (read 'old') systems to talk to new ones without the company which owns the two actually having to do any of the work.

My function in all this is as a programmer. I help write the code which will translate for the two (or more) applications concerned. Most of my current work is carried out in Visual Basic (yeah, I know - it sucks), with a side line into various flavours of SQL, plus a few inhouse languages that our company has developed.

When I'm not actually coding at work, and being made to use VB, I've been known to dabble in C, C++, ASP, PHP3, Perl and whatnot - mainly on the GNU/Linux platform because it's great!

I'm also keen on fiddling with computer graphics, in packages like Photoshop, and The Gimp. I've not got any real talent but sometimes I come up with something semi-attractive...

I also love playing computer games - mainly first person shooters (Quake et al), and like to think I'm reasonably competent at them - Darren's usually on the short list for being picked on anyway :) If, like me, you play on line at all - you can usually find me playing as 'GodEater' somewhere on a Quake server in the UK. My favourite FPS at the moment, now that I've finished Half-Life (which sucked towards the end, what a let down), is Aliens Versus Predator. It's dead atmospheric and I really like the fact that you get to play as three completely different characters.

Right - that's the nerdy stuff dealt with. When I'm not sitting at a computer roasting my retinas, I like a fair few outdoorsy sports. I've recently taking up mountain biking - which rules. I fall off a lot, but like I'm told - if you haven't fallen off at least once when you go out - you haven't been trying! I've tried Waterski-ing, which was fun, but a lot more tiring than it looks - and recently I got to try Quad Biking, which was awesome fun!

Last updated: Tuesday, 03-Aug-1999 14:21:26 BST