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The programs listed below have all been written by me Darren Greaves and are available for free download.
They have all been developed for and tested under Windows 95 and NT4.
Please help yourself to them and feel free to contact me with any comments you might have.
Read more about the development of these programs.
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Now, on with the programs.

Paper is a random wallpaper program that has the following features:
- Can set JPEG or bitmap files as your Windows wallpaper.
- Has a configurable timer that can change your wallpaper automatically.
- Is easily accessible from the System Tray (next to the Windows clock).
- Has an option to automatically tile wallpaper based on it's size.
- Read more and/or download.

If you ever spend time filling in forms on the Internet or copying and pasting the same text into any program then Populist can save you time.
- Instant system tray access to up to 500 text entries.
- Supports full drag and drop between OLE-Compliant programs (Internet Explorer, Netscape, MS Office, and many others).
- You can also copy any text entry into the clipboard with just two clicks of the mouse then paste into ANY Windows program.
- Also stores the last 15 text entries to be copied into the clipboard, making it a simple drag and drop operation to make them permanent Populist entries.
- Invaluable for Web browsing, email, IRC, Newsgroups, letter writing, or anything that invloves typing text.
- Once you have used it you will wonder how you managed without it.
- Read more and/or download.

Iconview is a simple Icon Viewer for Windows.
- Many 32-bit programs and dlls contain mulitple icons.
- Iconview can create an icon file (.ico) from any of these icons in a 32-bit program or dll file.
- Presents a very fast method for viewing icons in a file.
- Can also be used to view icons in older 16-bit files too.
- Read more and/or download.

Parameteriser is a simple utility to add command-line parameters to any program in Explorer.
- Upon installation it adds entries to the Registry associating the program with program files.
- When you right-click a program file in Explorer an entry for Parameteriser will be on the context menu.
- Selecting Parameteriser then shows a dialog with the program name and a field for entering the command line parameters.
- Click OK and the program is launched with these parameters.
- Very useful if you often start the same program with different parameters, and don't want to make a range of shortcuts.
- It stores your last 10 parameter entries for even quicker access.
- Read more and/or download.

Free Source Code
I have also released a few small utility programs in source as well as program form.
You can read more about this and/or download here.

Last updated: Monday, 27-Mar-2000 10:52:43 BST