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  How are the programs created?
- All the programs are written in C++ using MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes).
- Paper aditionally uses code written in C by the IJG (The Independent JPEG Group).
- The IJG code is used to convert from JPEG files to bitmaps
- I have also received assistance from the CodeGuru and from the news group
- My compiler is Microsoft Visual C++ v5.0 which I highly recommend.

Why do I write these programs?
- First and foremost these programs were written because I needed them. I decide I need a program for whatever reason and then try and put something together. If it works out and I find it useful I then decide if I want to make it available to others.
- It's fun and I enjoy it!
- So far I have only released the programs listed here. I have several other projects on the go. These are not released because they are incomplete or too specific to be useful.
- I also regularly update the released programs in response to user requests or my own ideas.
- The other reason I write these programs is for my own learning. I have been coding in C++ for about 2 years and I have just completed a degree in Computer Science. I consider that I have a lot to learn. By writing these programs I improve my skill set which should help me now that I have graduated.

Why Freeware?
- Seeing as I do this as a hobby, mainly for my own use and in my spare time, I can't find any justification for trying to make money off of it.

Last updated: Friday, 02-Jul-1999 19:18:50 BST