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  Version: 1.1
Size: 75kb

Info Download History

Parameteriser is a simple utility to add command-line paramters to any program in Explorer.
It associates itself with the following program extensions, .exe, .com, .bat.
To use, simply right-click any program in Explorer.
Right click a program file

Choose the 'Parameterise...' option and you will see the main dialog.
Main Parameteriser Dialog

Then enter your command-line parameters.
Enter command-line parameters

The click OK and the program is launched with those parameters.
Parameteriser will also remember your previous 10 entries.
Up to 10 previous entries

Parameters requires Administrator Rights on Windows NT4 due to it's use of the Registry.
It also includes a full install and uninstall script.

For complete information, read the Readme file.

Download Parameteriser version 1.1 here (75kb)

1.0 (10/96) First release.
1.1 (08/97) Added support for .com files also

Last updated: Saturday, 13-Nov-1999 17:50:21 GMT