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  This page will list programs I have developed which I am releasing as unsupported for one reason or another.
I am releasing them in both source and program form and you are free to do with them what you want.
All I ask is that before you re-use my code you should understand it. :-)
If you make something useful from any of it feel free to let me know.

For the most part they will be small utilities that are too specific to be useful but could be
developed into more useful programs with a bit of effort.

I will add to this list as time goes by, so check back for updates.



This is a small 32-bit Console Application that is basically a shrunk down version of Paper.
You pass it the name of a bitmap and it sets it as the windows desktop wallpaper, you can tell it to tile or centre or let
it choose based on the bitmaps size and the size of your desktop.
Suggestions for use:
- use Explorer to associate it with bitmap files, so you can right-click a bitmap and set it as wallpaper.
- use this as a basis for writing your own Random Wallpaper program. See if you can improve on Paper. :-)

Platform: 32-bit Windows
Language: C++ (lazy C++ as I call it, uses no OO stuff)
Program 22kb
Source 8kb



This is a Windows utility that I coded in C++ using MFC. It needs Microsoft VC 5.0 to build it.
It's simple job in life is that, given a directory name as it's command-line, it will calculate the size of
the directory tree by walking through it and adding up each individual file size.
When complete, it displays a very small window with the total size in it and nothing else.
The cool part is that, the program will shut itself down as soon as you click on any other window.
This means it can be useful as a quick way of calculating a folder size with no worry about shutting the program down afterwards.
Suggestions for use:
- Stick a shortcut to it in your 'Send To' folder, then right-click a folder in Explorer and send to getsize to get a quick sum of the folder size.
- Develop it into a more powerful program that can report more information about the folders it is checking.

Platform: 32-bit Windows
Language: C++ (uses MFC, needs MS VC 5.0)
Program 77kb
Source 27kb

Last updated: Monday, 27-Mar-2000 10:53:33 BST