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  Sitemap. Find your way around the site.

  Link Description Last updated
  Home To the front page. 27 March, 2000
  News Find out what's new.27 March, 2000
  About the site Get more info on this site.02 July, 1999
  Site Statistics Get some Statistics on this site.02 July, 1999
  Sitemap Find your way around the site.02 July, 1999
  Software List of all Software on the Krapplets site. 27 March, 2000
  Paper Random Wallpaper Program.13 November, 1999
  Populist Clipboard Utility.13 November, 1999
  Iconview Icon viewer.13 November, 1999
  Parameteriser Windows Explorer Utility.13 November, 1999
  Free Source Code Unsupported projects, with source code.27 March, 2000
  Subscribe Join our mailing list.03 July, 1999
  About the software Read how and why it was written.02 July, 1999
  FAQ Frequently Asked Questions.27 March, 2000
  Vote Vote for your favourite Krapplet.02 July, 1999
  About the Author Read about and see the Krapplets Author.16 November, 2000
  Links Sites that I like.02 July, 1999
  Intelligent Agent Research Final Year University Project Report.27 March, 2000
  Computers About the set-up I have here.02 July, 1999

Last updated: 02 July, 1999